The Erica P. John Fund, INC., et al vs Halliburton Company and David J. Lesar
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THE ERICA P. JOHN FUND INC., ET AL., On Behalf of Itself and All Other Similarly Situated, Plaintiffs


Read the information on this site carefully. If you are a Class Member, your rights will be affected by the Settlement whether you take any action or not.

The Settlement will provide a one hundred million ($100,000,000) all cash Settlement Fund for the benefit of Class Members who purchased or otherwise acquired Halliburton common stock between August 16, 1999 and December 7, 2001, inclusive. This hard-fought litigation spans more than a decade and involves two arguments before the Supreme Court and multiple appeals to the Fifth Circuit. Class Counsel (defined below) obtained a certified Class, completed discovery, and fully briefed summary judgment before achieving the $100,000,000 all cash result. These legal services were performed on a wholly contingent basis, and therefore Class Counsel have not received any payment for their services, nor have they been reimbursed for their litigation expenses.  Before final approval of the Settlement, Class Counsel will apply to the Court for an award of attorneys’ fees in an amount not to exceed one-third (33⅓%) of the gross Settlement Fund, and apply for reimbursement of litigation expenses in an amount not to exceed $7,500,000.


The Purpose of This Website

This Website has been established to provide general information regarding the proposed Settlement. The Website is intended (1) to inform you of the lawsuit, (2) to describe the Settlement and provide information on how you can submit a claim in order to be potentially eligible to receive a distribution from the net Settlement proceeds, (3) to notify you of your options in connection with the Settlement and how your legal rights are affected, (4) to let you know of the upcoming Settlement Fairness Hearing, and (5) to advise you on how to obtain additional information about the lawsuit and the Settlement.


If You are a Member of the Class, Your Rights Will Be Affected by the Pending Action and the Proposed Settlement, and You May Be Entitled to Share in the Settlement Fund

If you have not yet received the Notice and Claim Form, you may obtain copies of these documents by contacting the Claims Administrator at Halliburton EPJ Fund Securities Litigation, c/o JND Class Action Administration, P.O. Box 6847, Broomfield, CO 80021,  (844) 864-9032, or email Copies of the Notice and Claim Form can also be downloaded from the Key Documents page. To qualify for a payment, you must send in a Proof of Claim and Release form (“Claim Form”).  A Claim Form is being circulated with the Notice.  You may also download a Claim Form from the Key Documents page. Read the instructions carefully, fill out the Claim Form, include all the documents the form asks for, sign it, and mail it postmarked no later than August 12, 2017.

If you are a member of the Class and wish to exclude yourself from the Class, you must have submitted a request for exclusion such that it is postmarked no later than July 10, 2017, in accordance with the instructions set forth in the Notice. If you excluded yourself from the Class, you will not be eligible to receive any payment from the Settlement Fund. This is the only option that allows you ever to be part of any other lawsuit against any of the Defendants or the other Related Persons.

If you are a Class Member, you can object to the Settlement or any of its terms, the proposed Plan of Allocation, and/or the application for an award of fees and expenses by Class Counsel or any other counsel who may seek an award of fees and expense. Your objection must have been submitted and postmarked on or before July 10, 2017 to each of the following (1) the Court; (2) Boies, Schiller & Flexner LLP and Kahn Swick & Foti, LLC, on behalf of the Lead Plaintiff; and (3) Counsel for the Defendants.


Important Documents

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Long Form Notice Download Notice
Proof of Claim and Release Form Download Claim Form
 Preliminary Approval Order
 Stipulation of Settlement

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